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sharkGuest Post Sharks is a guest-blogging company that provides people and companies with more traffic, rankings, link juice, and credibility. We write high quality blog posts and get them posted on blogs that want to publish great content. Our company aims to help you avoid the countless hours of effort required to develop a successful guest blogging campaign while still being as cost-effective as possible.

Let’s face it, there are many companies on the internet that claim to get you in the top rankings of Google, but most of them fail to keep you there long term. Customers are constantly pumping endless funds into their internet marketing campaigns to keep their rankings high, but because of the ever-changing algorithms on Google, it seems almost impossible to keep their site top-ranked. Our platform at Guest Post Sharks is based on generating traffic to your site while increasing your rankings by building your credibility. Our approach is designed to develop sustainable search engine rankings and have your voice heard all over the web.


If you are looking to earn more money, improve the rankings of your website, or develop a more credible name throughout the web, look no further! Our approach is to place professional blog posts with your name on them on other people’s sites along with backlinks and advertising for your company. By doing this, your name becomes more popular, more people are traveling to your site, and as a result, your rankings on Google will increase dramatically. Instead of taking a year or more to develop great content all over the web for your site, let us do the work for you, and watch your rankings and revenue skyrocket within weeks.

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Now that you’ve seen how powerful guest posting is, we would like for you to see what makes Guest Post Sharks the most logical choice for all your guest posting needs:


1. Our Goal Isn’t Just Rankings – It’s Traffic, Credibility and Revenue!

To be successful online you ideally do not want to be dependent on Google for all your traffic. Guest posting is the perfect compliment to an existing SEO, social media and paid placement campaigns.

2. Your Time is Valuable – Utilizing Guest Blogging Experts Allows You to Work on Whatever You’re Best At!

The best use of your time is doing the things that only you can do. That’s the key to successful business leverage. Leave your guest posting needs in the hands of world class experts that eat, sleep and breathe content syndication.

3. We Are American Writers that Know How to Write for The Web

There are many sites that offer guest posting, but quality guest posts are difficult to come by, and Guest Post Sharks specialize in them.

4. Your Success = Our Success

It is our goal to provide the absolute best guest posting service online, and making sure that our customers are happy is our top priority. Our success is built upon you being successful. If you’re not happy, neither are we!

5. Affordable Packages for Every Budget

Our service is affordable for even the smallest budgets, and when it comes to quality services, there is no question Guest Post Sharks takes the cake.

Want to learn more? Check out our guest blogging pricing page, priced for every budget, and start becoming a leader in your field. Need to learn more about Guest Post Sharks? Check out our About and FAQ pages.


Guest Post Sharks is not a “network-based” guest blogging firm:

Guest Post Sharks is committed to being focused directly on quality. As a result we do not have any specific blogs that we own, cater to or have a specific bias with. We find established sites in your niche and develop organic relationships with them. We not only want to make sure our customers are happy but that those we work with throughout the web are taken care of as well. Most companies today that guest post only post on blogs that are in their network, and many do not even post in niches related to their client’s niche. We take the same approach that any company or site owner would if they were doing it themselves – the best, and we pour our hearts into our final product.

Guest Post Sharks is not quantity based, but quality based:

Quality control is our main focus when looking at our day-to-day operations. Sites all over the web promise to deliver quality guest posts, and although many of them do, not one site focuses directly on the quality content that Guest Post Sharks does. The guest posts we write contribute to the growth and development of your niche, and your should stand out among other posts. Currently in the guest blogging world, there is a content crisis, and we do not intend on contributing to it. We are dedicated to raising the bar and resetting the standard of how a guest post should be developed.

By focusing on quality, we develop posts that stand out, encourage traffic and promote interaction. Our goal is to create posts that are innovative and are discussed, shared, and referenced back to in the future. By focusing on quality and seeing a higher response rate, you can have a greater effect on your rankings than if you had multiple average posts without interaction such as comments, shares, tweets and backlinks.

Guest Post Sharks cares about your advancement:

It is our number one priority to make sure that our customers are taken care of in the best way possible. We will work with you in most niches that we know we can provide a great service, and we will continue to work with you down the road even after your post is published on the web. Much of internet marketing is trial and error, and we will help come up with creative solutions in the future to advance your site in your niche more efficiently. Most of our customers are regular customers who have monthly plans or quarterly memberships, but our one-time customers are just as important even after the completion of the service. Our goal is to advance your site to be a top site in your niche with statistic-breaking traffic, satisfying revenues, and expert credibility.